Andrea and John are hands on Directors and are actively involved in the daily management of the whole Asset Reports group.

Andrea has been nominated for the Telstra Business Woman of the Year award for achievements in the industry and Asset Reports remains the market leader for Real Estate outsourcing. Previously a Residential Property Manager and Trust Accountant, Andrea perused her dream of establishing a property services outsourcing business in 2007. In 2017  Andrea celebrated a decade of owning a business which has grown to proudly employ over 40 full time staff members.

With a marketing degree and accounting degree, John also comes with a wealth of experience gained from 15 years in the global businesses in which he’s worked all over the world, including Glencore, BHP and IBM. Together Andrea and John look after the company and its staff, ensuring the foundation principles of quality and reliability remain at the core of the service Asset Reports is known for.

General Manager

Hayley James

General Manager Hayley James has been working alongside Andrea for over 5 years and oversees the Property Condition Report (PCR) aspect of the company. She comes from a Real Estate background and her skills are imperative to this role. She ensures that all new staff members go on a 3-6 month training program which firstly involves understanding the legalities behind our reporting, the nature of the business, the industry itself, why it is that we do what we do, and the level of detail in which it needs to be done. Hayley is the first point of contact for all of our clients, whether they have appointed us permanently as a reporting solution for their agency, or they book us ad-hoc as the need arises. She manages the booking and scheduling of all our Property Condition Reports.


Megan Van Den Bosch & MING KAN

Megan and Ming look after our clients and the delivery of the document. Ming oversees the Quality Control department at Asset Reports. Our Quality Control team plays a crucial role in allowing us to deliver consistently high quality reports to our clients, and they are a big part of why so many of our clients trust and rely on Asset Reports to do their PCRs. Megan is focused on ensuring that the bookings are booked in promptly, due to the fast paced world of Property Management. The girls’ main goal is to work together to ensure that the reports are booked in on time and delivered within our 3 day turn around with proper quality control checks.

Property Condition Report Consultants


We provide a full 3-6 month traineeship for our experienced and new staff who come on board for a career as an On Road Consultant for Residential and Commercial Property Condition Reports. Throughout this process, we train the staff to know the preferences of each client and understand the requirements of the most important document in any lease. They are trained to produce reports which are heavily focused on the written words so that, in the worst-case scenario, their reports will hold up in court. Each of our consultants have a high attention to detail and they are dedicated to producing reports and photographs of the highest standard.

Routine Inspection Consultants

madison | MEGAN D | JADE C | sophie

Each of our Consultants has a property portfolio that is assigned to them each month, so that they can build a strong relationship with the Property Manager and become familiar with the properties as if they were from their own rent role. We pride ourselves on responsibility, discretion, and thorough reporting. Each month we create a schedule of the inspections, providing dates and times for the Property Manager to advise their tenants. The Consultant and Property Manager work extremely closely over the inspection period, from maintaining the routine schedule to communicating any urgent feedback each day. We then supply a detailed, unbiased report in an editable format, outlining the condition of the home as we inspected it on the day and provide extensive photos of any damages or concerns to the home, as well as overall photos of each room.

Quality Controllers and Typists

HANNAH | Marissa | Sinead | JANICE | APRIL

Our team of Typists are responsible for producing the exceptional reports that we provide to our clients. The Quality Control team reviews every Property Condition Report to ensure accuracy and consistent formatting.



Hannah is the creative mind behind everything we print and publish. Upon finishing her studies at Curtin University with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Graphic Design, she undertook freelance work before gaining a position here with us looking after all the in-house graphic design and marketing, as well as making customised brochures for our clients.



Melati is in charge of our accounts administration throughout the Property Condition Report side of the business. She has a degree in accounting from Curtin University.