If you have made an offer on a property that is 'subject to Building Inspection', this is the report you need.

Buying a property can be daunting. An Asset Reports Pre-Purchase Building Inspection will give you peace of mind when making an offer to purchase.

A pre-purchase Building Inspection is essential to confirm the condition of a property before you buy it. Our reports comply with the REIWA ‘pre-purchase structural inspection’ clause when you make your offer 'Subject to a Building Inspection'.

Protect Your Investment

A pre-purchase building inspection may uncover defects that could effect your decision to purchase the property, however you can use this information to negotiate a lower price if there are problems and you choose to go ahead. If you know in advance what the problems are, you can account for any necessary repairs.

Identify hazards and structural damage

There are a number of potential problems within a building that may not be immediately obvious during a casual visit to a home open. For example, a pre-purchase building inspection can identify any structural damage, dampness, the presence of asbestos, or if there are any serious safety hazards.

Planning ahead

Once the defects are identified, you can seek professional advice regarding
repairs and/or renovations to your property.

Why choose Asset Reports?

Asset Reports was established in 2007 conducting property inspections for Real Estate agencies throughout Perth. Over time we have expanded our services to include Quantity Surveying services (construction cost experts) and Building Inspection services. As with all our services, we raise the bar of compliance and regulation in everything we do. Building Inspections are no different. In Western Australia the Building Inspection industry is unregulated, so consumers need to be careful of who they engage with to carry out pre-purchase building inspections.

We always apply best practice.

At Asset Reports, we apply industry best practice by only employing Qualified Builders, we don’t outsource any of our work to contractors, all our staff are covered by Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance and importantly, we train all our staff using the same course content used in other States where Building Inspections are regulated. Even if you don’t choose to request a Building Inspection from Asset Reports, it’s important that you choose a Building Inspector that meets the same high standards.

Our reports are designed to meet Australian Standard 4349.1 for Pre-Purchase Building Inspections.

Our building inspections include;

  • Identifying serious safety hazards, like suspected asbestos or structural damage

  • Identifying conditions at the property that are conducive to structural damage

  • Identifying major defects and anything that could become a serious safety hazard

  • Photos of defects described in the report

There will always be exclusions, but we are upfront about what these are and we will help you make an individual assessment about the level of risk they present in each home. Some of the exclusions are;

  • Individual minor defects

  • Detection of wood destroying insects such as termites and wood borers

  • The operation of fireplaces and chimneys

  • Any appliances such as dishwashers, insinkerators, ovens, stoves and ducted vacuum systems

  • Whether the ground on which the building rests has been filled, is liable to subside, swell or shrink, is subject to landslip, earthquakes or tidal inundation, or if it is flood prone.

*PCRs and Routine Inspections available in Perth only