Strata Maintenance Plans

Asset Reports have a team of in-house Property Inspectors, Qualified Builders and Quantity Surveyors to help Strata Managers prepare a comprehensive Maintenance Plan.

Property Inspectors

Prepare a detailed Asset Register identifying all items of common property.


Assess any defects and makes a recommendation for repairs or maintenance.

Quantity Surveyors

Provide a value for repairing or replacing the defective items.

Example 1 – cracked render on the boundary wall

  • The Property Inspector notes cracked rendering on the boundary wall adjacent to the visitor carpark.
  • The Builder identifies that the cracking extends to the brick wall beneath the render and was caused by subsidence in the visitor carpark due to a damaged drainpipe.
  • The Quantity Surveyor calculates the cost of repairing the situation, including labour and materials for the earthworks, replacing the drainpipe, repaving the carpark and repairing the boundary wall to its original condition.

Asset Reports can also help prepare a budget for future upgrades such as:

  • Internal and External Painting
  • Roof and Gutter replacement
  • Security Systems (CCTV, Gates etc)
  • Solar Panels and Batteries

That means you won’t need to go out for quotes to prepare the budget!


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