What is Tax Depreciation?

Depreciation is the accounting method used for calculating the loss in value for a building and its fixtures & fittings over time.

With a Tax Depreciation Schedule, you can claim that loss on rental properties as a deduction in your tax return every year until the cost of the asset is fully written off.

All TYPES OF investors CAN have a tax depreciation schedule on their investment property

  • First time investors

  • Experienced investors

  • Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

What can you claim Depreciation on?

  • Bricks & mortar

  • Carpets & flooring

  • White goods & electrical appliances

  • Toilets & showers

  • Pools & pergolas

  • Air conditioning & solar panels

  • Door handles & garbage bins

  • Strata common areas

Tax Depreciation is crucial for any investment property strategy.

Why get a Tax Depreciation Schedule?

  • For financial gain

  • To generate additional cash flow that can be used to fund other investments

  • To offset the losses from falling rents and high vacancy rates

  • To claim an immediate deduction on scrapped items if renovating

Tax Depreciation applies to:

  • Residential properties

  • Commercial properties

  • New buildings

  • Old buildings

How do I book?


Call Asset Reports or fill out our booking form to get a free estimate.


We will arrange site access and conduct an inspection of the property.


You will receive your completed Tax Depreciation Schedule within 7 days.



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