AssetBook makes sharing and viewing PCR photos easy.


AssetBook is the new service by Asset Reports for storing and sharing your PCR photos. It streamlines the process of providing you with your PCR photos in a timely manner, and also allows you to share them instantly with your tenants.

This is a free service provided by Asset Reports – it won't cost you a cent!

Why should I use AssetBook?

  • Simple & Fast

Share PCR photos with your tenants and owners instantly. No log-ins or passwords required.

  • Saves Time & MONEY

No downloading, saving or storing photos on your own servers. 

  • Permanent Storage

Your folders and links will never expire, and are accessible to you 24/7.


No more printing photos on paper or collecting piles of discs.

  • Collaboration

Upload your signed and scanned PCR document to share with your tenants.

  • Mobile ACCESS

Mobile access allows PM’s to view PCR photos on site during Routines and Final Bond inspections.

How do I access my reports and photos on AssetBook?

There are two easy ways to access your AssetBook account;


We will send you a direct link to access your company files. Simply save the link to your bookmarks for quick access.


All of your Property Managers can install the app on their mobiles. This will allow them to view PCR photos on their mobile during Routines and Final Bond inspections.

AssetBook will save you time and resources, switch today!

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