An Asset Register is a record that tracks a business’ physical assets.

An Asset Register documents all the fixed and loose assets owned by an organisation. It is a valuable asset ID and tracking tool that can be used for commercial decision making and financial reporting purposes. Think of it like a stock-take; we identify everything you have, itemise it, label it, and document it.

Our inspectors attend the property to conduct a full site inspection and record the following details:

  • The make, model, and serial number of each item

  • The physical location within the premises

  • A description of its physical attributes and condition

  • The asset class or category

The Asset Register can then be expanded to include:

  • Purchase Details (Dates, Cost, Supplier)

  • Warranty Information

  • Servicing Schedule

  • Effective Life, Written Down Value and Depreciation Schedule

  • Defects and Maintenance Registers

It is a meticulous and painstaking task to produce an Asset Register, but it results in an invaluable document that can be used for a multitude of purposes, including stock taking, storing warranty information, and having a record of the value of your assets for insurance claims.

We provide Asset Registers across a range of industries and uses, including:

  • Large Commercial Businesses

  • Government Organisations

  • Retail Operations

  • Strata Complexes

  • Sub-Leased Offices

Asset Labels

Asset Labels are applied to all inventory items in an Asset Register, and are used to assign an identification number to each item. These barcoded labels can be scanned to quickly identify what is and isn't present.

Asset Labels can be ordered independently to create and maintain your own asset register, or in conjunction with ordering an Asset Reports Asset Register.

“We are very pleased with the service provided by Asset Reports – their professionalism, attention to detail, excellent communication and end to end support leaves us with no hesitation in highly recommending them. We are comfortable knowing that all our assets, fit out and condition of all items is fully documented in a format that is easy to understand and ready to provide to any tenant or sub-tenant.

Thank you for the service provided.”

– Adam Saunders (CBH Group)