Andrea Williams

In 2006 Andrea worked as a Business Development Manager for Residential and Commercial Property Management where her understanding of the Property world began. She identified a gap in the market which led to the opening of Asset Reports in 2007, Australia’s first outsourcing company for Residential and Commercial Property Management. 

Having been an investor herself for over 10 years, she understands the importance of protecting clients investments through the services that Asset Reports conduct.

Andrea is involved in the day to day operations of the Perth and Sydney office which have over 50 full time staff. 


John Williams

John Williams is the Director of the Asset Reports group, which works on a range of projects including aviation facilities, shopping centres, supermarkets, industrial warehouses and large-scale manufacturing plants.

In his role, John oversees a variety of departments across Western Australia, New South Wales and Victoria with his primary focus on growing the business, particularly the quantity surveying and commercial divisions which specialises in Tax Depreciation Schedules, Condition Reports, Strata Maintenance Plans, Asset Registers, Insurance Valuations and other services. Prior to this he worked for global companies such as Glencore, BHP and IBM.


Kristian Jeromson

Kristian has worked in Tax Depreciation for many years. He is passionate about helping investors maximise their wealth and keeping soon-to-be investors informed about the benefits of Tax Deprecation. He has helped thousands of investors across Australia increase their tax refunds by presenting entertaining and educational seminars and performing meticulous site inspections that identify every available deduction for the investor. Kristian manages the department and travels between Perth, Melbourne and Sydney educating our clients on the benefits of claiming Tax Depreciation and working closely with sales people with new developments.

Office Manager

Kate Markham

Kate oversees the complete Asset Reports operations to ensure everything runs smoothly. She works closely with the directors on all aspects of the company; from ensuring top quality service, developing the business, to creating new systems on offer to our clients. Utilising her previous experience in team mentorship and development, Kate also directs the highly skilled team of on-road consultants. She ensures their busy days are coordinated to maximise efficiency and that they receive ongoing training and support.

Coming from an extensive property management, team development and trust accounting background, and also being an investor herself, Kate understands firsthand the importance of impeccable service, precise reporting and peace of mind for owners and property managers alike.

Senior Quantity Surveyor

Christina Who

Our Senior Quantity Surveyor Christina is responsible for producing Depreciation Schedules for our clients, as well as looking after the administration and site inspection details in our Perth office. Being multilingual, she looks after our international clients and foreign investors, helping them understand the tax benefits available to them by investing in the Australian property market.

Building Inspector

Dimce Stevanovski

Dimce is a qualified Building Inspector with eight years industry experience. He conducts our site inspections across WA in a professional and efficient manner.

Relationship Manager

Brooke Cahill

Having been with Asset Reports since 2010, Brooke has developed her skills in delivering high quality service to the property industry for almost a decade. Completing a Bachelor of Arts with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Macquarie University majoring in Marketing & Sociology, she specialises in enhancing client experiences throughout the customer journey lifecycle. Brooke works direct with our Industry partners, assisting in their business development strategies and identifying value adding opportunities. She is passionate about delivering exceptional support and service to the Real Estate & Property industry and will take every opportunity to educate key stakeholders and investors on how to increase their wealth using Tax Depreciation on property assets.

Relationship Manager

Nicholas Parks

Nicholas is based in Victoria as one of our Relationship Managers. He has a strong background in Property Management, which is an asset while working closely with real estate agencies promoting the benefits of Tax Depreciation. He is passionate about making sure investors understand their entitlement to claim Depreciation and how it can maximise the financial returns on their investment properties.

Marketing Manager & Graphics

Hannah Fredriksson

Hannah is the creative mind behind everything we print and publish. Upon finishing her studies at Curtin University with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Graphic Design, she undertook freelance work before gaining a position here with us looking after all the in-house graphic design and marketing. She is heavily involved with the development and UX of our new products and services, as well as making customised brochures for our clients Australia-wide.


Melati boen

Melati graduated from Curtin University with a degree in Accounting, and has since become in charge of accounts administration throughout the Property Condition Reports side of our business. She is also involved with the scheduling and delivery of our Routine Inspections, ensuring that our clients’ procedures are followed and their expectations are exceeded.

Quality Control Manager

Ming Kan

Ming oversees the Quality Control department at Asset Reports, which includes handling the delivery of the final report. Our Quality Control team plays a crucial role in allowing us to deliver consistently high quality reports to our clients, and they are a big part of why so many of our clients trust and rely on Asset Reports to do their PCRs.

Quality Control Team

Marissa | sinead

The Quality Control team reviews every Property Condition Report to ensure accuracy and consistent formatting. The girls' main goal is to work together to ensure that the reports are delivered within our 3 day turn around.

Property Condition Report Consultants

AIDA | Megan V | katie | taylah | Jess | EmmA | NICOLE | ELOISE | MEG | ELISHA

We provide a full 3-6 month traineeship for our experienced and new staff who come on board for a career as an On Road Consultant for Residential and Commercial Property Condition Reports. Throughout this process, we train the staff to know the preferences of each client and understand the requirements of the most important document in any lease. They are trained to produce reports which are heavily focused on the written words so that, in the worst-case scenario, their reports will hold up in court. Each of our consultants have a high attention to detail and they are dedicated to producing reports and photographs of the highest standard.

Routine Inspection Consultants

madison | MEGAN D | JEMMA | STEPH

Each of our Consultants has a property portfolio that is assigned to them each month, so that they can build a strong relationship with the Property Manager and become familiar with the properties as if they were from their own rent role. We pride ourselves on responsibility, discretion, and thorough reporting. Each month we create a schedule of the inspections, providing dates and times for the Property Manager to advise their tenants. The Consultant and Property Manager work extremely closely over the inspection period, from maintaining the routine schedule to communicating any urgent feedback each day. We then supply a detailed, unbiased report in an editable format, outlining the condition of the home as we inspected it on the day and provide extensive photos of any damages or concerns to the home, as well as overall photos of each room.