Our team of in-house Quantity Surveyors are experts in calculating the replacement costs for Strata Buildings.

This Valuation is a requirement for any application for a Residential or Commercial Strata Insurance Policy or renewal.

Asset Reports works closely with the Strata Insurance industry to provide you with the key information required for most strata insurance policies, including:

  • Building Sum Insured

  • Common Area Contents

  • Construction Materials

  • Exterior Cladding

  • Lot Owners Fixtures & Improvements (where required) 


The risks of being over-insured or under-insured are well known in the industry — and that is where Asset Reports can help, by reducing the risks for your Strata Company.

We are a hands-on Quantity Surveying firm — we always attend the property to thoroughly measure, inspect and assess the quality of finishes in the building. We also use the latest CostX software for our assessments and we have our own highly developed cost library which is constantly updated with real market information to ensure we provide you with an accurate and reliable valuation of your Strata Building.

It’s a distinct advantage to have qualified Quantity Surveyors preparing the Valuations to avoid large variations in cost estimates.



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