Asset Reports have paved the way for Property Management outsourcing in WA and we lead the industry by continually lifting our standards to protect owners and tenants alike at the end of lease by providing an independent, fair and unbiased assessment of a property. We encourage our clients to outsource only when they need to, and when they need us we are always there.

With over 40 full-time staff, we are able to provide a fast response to your work orders, produce the highest quality reports with a quick turn-around time at a very competitive price. Our quality of referrals and testimonials speak for themselves!

Property Condition Reports

A Property Condition Report (PCR) must be compiled prior to the commencement of any new tenancy. A PCR outlines the exact condition of a property before the tenants move in.

Once the lease has ended, the condition of the property is compared to this report. If any new damages are noted as a result of their tenancy, the tenant may be legally obliged to repair them.

  • Detailed reports focusing on written descriptions to protect your owners in court

  • PCR templates are branded with your logo and can be customised to your requirement

  • All PCRs reviewed by our Quality Controllers

Routine Inspections

Routine Inspections are conducted throughout a tenants occupation of a property as a means of ensuring the property is being maintained to a high and acceptable standard. They are also required to identify any maintenance that may be necessary during the tenancy. The first Routine Inspection is carried out six weeks after the tenants have moved in, and additional inspections occur every three months after that.

On average, we perform over 500 Routine Inspections per month and have helped many clients redefine the way “they’ve always done it” to produce a customised template that will leave your owners in awe. Each template reflects your own branding and is designed in consultation with your Property Management team to establish a simple, repeatable process that anyone in your office can follow.

  • We always allocate the same staff member to your Routine Inspection portfolio for consistency

  • Your company checklists are followed, if you do not have one in place we will follow our own

  • We provide Routine Inspection reports in your preferred format, be it via iPad, Rentfind Inspector, or one of our custom inspection templates featuring your branding and tailor-made to your requirements

Inventory Reports

Inventory Reports record the details of the contents included in a property available for rent, including the condition and quantity of those items. The list is reviewed and agreed with the tenant prior to moving into the property and is reviewed during Routine Inspections and Final Bond Inspections.

  • PCR and Inventory Reports supplied as separate documents to ensure Final Bond Inspections are easy to conduct.

  • Separate photography of only inventory items, arranged by room.

PCR Photo Re-shoot

If you have an existing Asset Reports Property Condition Report for a property, you may request for a Photo Re-shoot after you have completed your Final Bond Inspection. The re-shoot will give you fresh photos to attach to your previous Property Condition Report.

  • Ideal after a 6-12 month tenancy, unless there has been major renovation.

  • After conducting the Final Bond Inspection, you can amend the existing Property Condition Report with minor changes and simply request a Photo Re-shoot to save money in your agency, rather than ordering a whole new report.

Benefits of outsourcing your inspections to Asset Reports



  • Gives Property Managers more time to focus on managing more properties

  • Allows PMs to focus on more value adding tasks

  • You can recover your costs and generate more income


  • Your branding supplied on the Department of Commerce PCR Template

  • Comprehensive and detailed reports with high quality photos

  • We are reliable and we always attend as agreed

  • We enhance and add value to your brand


  • Residential Tenancy Act compliant

  • Detail-heavy reports which focus on written descriptions

  • Maintain your obligations for Landlord Insurance


  • Retain and attract the best staff by letting PMs do what they do best – managing properties

  • Allow PMs to manage more properties and to focus on value-adding tasks to improve the value of your rent roll

We currently conduct Residential Property Condition Reports and Routine inspections in Perth only.


“Thank you Asset Reports for providing a service that is cost and time efficient for our property managers with personalised and prompt service that is highly appreciated by the team.”

– Anita Percudani (Realmark)

“Asset Reports have provided an extremely prompt, professional and valuable service to The Agency office, allowing them to focus on more quality contact time with their clients.”

– Marianne Smith (The Agency)

“Asset Reports consistently provides Efficiency, Accuracy and Reliability. Which is key for our business to continue to provide exceptional service to our valued clients. Highly recommend any of their quality services!”

– Chrissie Hanich (Head of Property Management, Blackburne)

*PCRs and Routine Inspections available in Perth only