Our aim is to help Australians use Tax Depreciation to maximise their returns.

We are dedicated to helping investors get the maximum return from their biggest investment. Tax Depreciation forms a significant part of any successful investment strategy but it is often missed by most property investors. We are helping to change that. We’re working hard to raise awareness of the benefits of Tax Depreciation and we’re removing the biggest barrier to getting a Schedule done – complacency. Asset Reports makes it easy and we get it done for you fast. We are a boutique firm and our biggest investment is spending more time onsite to provide the most detailed and thorough assessment of your property.

John Williams & Andrea Williams


John and Andrea are highly active in the business and undertake direct engagement in their work as well as managing the day-to-day operations of the business. They have successfully grown the business by simply focusing on customer service and quality control throughout the whole Asset Reports group. They believe in old fashioned values such as being responsive and reliable, ensuring that every client that walks through the doors at Asset Reports is well looked after. They lead a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to helping their clients achieve the best possible outcome with every transaction. Most of their time now is equally spent between the Perth and Sydney offices, educating different industries on how to use Tax Depreciation in an innovative way.

Emma Bennett

QS Office Manager

Emma manages the day to day operations in the Tax Depreciation Department, including scheduling inspections and providing estimates to our clients to inform them of the benefits they could be passing on to their owners.

Kristian Jeromson

Principal Inspections & Education

Kristian has worked in Tax Depreciation for many years. He is passionate about helping investors maximise their wealth and keeping soon-to-be investors informed about the benefits of Tax Deprecation. He has helped thousands of investors across Australia increase their tax refunds by presenting entertaining and educational seminars and performing meticulous site inspections that identify every available deduction for the investor. Kristian manages the department and travels between Perth and Sydney educating our clients on the benefits of claiming Tax Depreciation and working closely with sales people with new developments.

Christina Who

Quantity Surveyor

Graduate Quantity Surveyor Christina looks after the administration and site inspection details in our Perth office. She attends to our Australian clients as well as our Mandarin speaking investors.

Rasheed Sharrif 

Quantity Surveyor

Quantity Surveyor Rasheed is located in our Double Bay office in Sydney managing the team in Sydney as well as conducting the site inspections. Being multilingual, he looks after all of our Australian as well as international clients.

Dimce Stevanovski

Building Inspector

Dimce is our qualified Building Inspector. With seven years industry experience, he conducts our building inspections.

Melati Boen


With a degree from Curtin University, our accountant Melati is in charge of the accounts, ensuring the schedules go out within our 7 day period.